“I enjoy working through design solutions directly with my clients on equal terms. To develop close one-on-one professional relationships with them, and to have the professional satisfaction of knowing they are satisfied because of my commitment to their project.”

John Scandurra, Architect

John naturally combines unique, pragmatic design with a respect for his clients’ budgets. Characteristically calm and attentive, he listens to their ideas, interprets them in unexpected ways, and provides innovative ways to tackle practical problems, always offering clients a choice of design solutions. Clients are actively encouraged to suggest ideas, which John then investigates, always with an eye on the budget.

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From the beginning of his career, in the education sector in the 1990s, John always had to balance the requirements for excellence in educational building design against critical school budgets. The key to achieving this was building strong, collaborative client–architect relationships based on trust and open communication.

These critical skills became ingrained in John’s own practice, Scandurra Architects, which was established in 2006 and services private clients in the residential sector.

Consequently, John sustains continuing friendships with many of his clients, long after projects are completed. The high regard in which they refer to him and his work speaks to his distinct capacity for sustaining an enjoyable collaborative process, producing innovative designs aligned with responsible project management, resulting in homes that bring joy daily.


Designing or renovating a home is a complex and often emotional process. As your architect, John appreciates that being commissioned to bring your dream home to life is a privilege.

The client collaboration starts with devising a brief, based on your home’s space requirements, and on the prevailing site conditions, such as sun path, breezes, topography, and other special requirements.

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The written brief is transformed into preliminary sketch design drawings in CAD, including plans, sections, and perspective drawings, so you can visualise your new home in 3D. A preliminary cost estimate is prepared, against which the design can be adjusted as necessary.

Once we have established your preferred design and have fine-tuned the budget, we can commit to a more detailed level of developed design, coordinating documentation with the engineer, and other building consultants, to enable the design to be assessed for town planning and building approval.

We progress to contract documentation and administration to enable the project to be quoted by builders. We will make a contract with the successful builder and then liaise collaboratively with them on-site. This enables the creative resolution of any unforeseeable issues that inevitably arise on building sites and ensures the house is delivered in accordance with the contract drawings.

Our values


John works directly with you, from the briefing stage through to the final handover to ensure you are informed and feel in control of the building process.


John’s architectural 
design approach is always considered, site responsive, and environmentally sustainable.


Professionalism is paramount to John, who ensures each of his projects balance respect for your budget with innovative, inspired design.


It’s important to John that you feel you have ownership of your project so that when you move into your home it immediately feels familiar and comfortable.

Leadlights can infuse an entire house with warmth, light, and colour, capturing the essence of each season and bringing it indoors.

Leadlights have been a part of Brisbane’s architectural identity since the city’s beginnings. Buildings can even be dated by the style of their leadlight design. The shape – generally circular or rectangular – of these decorative windows often identified a particular function of the house, particularly within doors or around the front entry.

Many of the homes that John has designed feature leadlight panels, seamlessly integrated with the architecture. Beyond their aesthetic beauty, John appreciates them on a personal level for their skilful craftsmanship, fine detail, handmade uniqueness, and believes they bring a point of difference to a home.

Where desired, John can help you to coordinate the design, fabrication, and installation of leadlight panels to complement your new home.

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Board of Architects of Queensland
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A collaborative, creative approach to designing your dream home.