Renovation/Addition: Thomas Street House, Clontarf, Redcliffe

This project saw the updating of an original 1960s Modernist character home in the beachside suburb of Clontarf in Redcliffe.

By repurposing the house’s existing internal spaces, additional accommodation was achieved, while externally, the house remains fundamentally unchanged, retaining all the character of the original Modernist beach house.

The Design Brief

With its clean Modernist lines, generous windows, and floor spaces, the 50-year-old house’s original architecture was remarkably untouched. No alterations had been made aside from the addition of a garage with a covered patio above.

The accommodation, however, was hopelessly outdated. The house needed some structural repairs and building maintenance, while the original kitchen and bathroom needed updating.

The brief for this project was for additional living space, leading out onto the courtyard, an additional bedroom, and an ensuite for the main chambers. The challenge was how to create the additional space and modernise the house without compromising its Modernist character.

Architectural Response

Some simple but strategic design moves resulted in a complete makeover. Central to this was the conversion of the enclosed, unused undercroft, only accessible by two external staircases.

One of the staircases was removed, opening up the undercroft to the front yard. This was remodelled into an open kitchen, dining, and lounge, with polished concrete floors, extending directly onto a new courtyard, via concertina doors. A spacious laundry/utility and powder room completed the downstairs area.

The other, central, staircase was remodelled into a double-height internal staircase and foyer, accessible from the side of the house, providing an internal link between the now separate upstairs sleeping zone and the living area below.

The former upstairs living room and kitchen were converted into a new main bedroom with an ensuite, taking the number of bedrooms to five. The old front stairs were replaced with a timber deck, off the main bedroom, and the original bathroom was also updated.

The existing rear patio was enclosed with plantation shutters to create an all-weather verandah effectively adding a new secure family/AV/music room. The louvres can be opened, throughout the seasons, to capture the sun, breeze, and views.

Photography Credits: David Cougan
Renovation/Addition: Thomas Street House, Clontarf, Redcliffe

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