Preliminary Design Consultation

The Preliminary Design Consultation – designed chiefly for the benefit of  private homeowners –  is an introduction for those who are new to the renovation process, or building new: the roles of architects, builders and the planning and building permit system. This consultation, conducted on site, will provide you with the opportunity to discuss planning, design and construction issues with an architect without having to commit to the cost of design & tender documents at this early stage.

Our present pre-paid fee for the service is $800.00 + GST.

Deagon House Before

Deagon House After

The Design Consultation is an important step for you to take, as it will enable issues to be discussed which may include:

  • Devise a preliminary brief for the type of home you wish to create, including current and future needs.
  • Assess prevailing natural site conditions – breezes, sun path, views, neighbouring conditions –  and their effect on the building design.
  • Discuss optional forms for the building including planning, aesthetic & construction options.
  • Establish an environmental target for the project in relation to your  objectives for energy and water sustainability requirements to control the cost of water and energy use,
  • Review Australian building regulations, State planning/development codes, Local Government controls. Site related constraints/opportunities.
  • Consideration of the project budget. Discuss the cost of professional management of the project to control & avoid cost over runs; to provide adequate design & documentation, tender preparation and assessment; to manage the quality of construction, timing schedules, use of specified materials, and quality of finish, and to check that appropriate permits and insurances are adhered to; 
  • Discuss required building consultants and fee budgets.

Hawthorne House, Streetfront Before

Hawthorne House After


Following the onsite consultation, I will issue notes generated from the site visit in the form of a short written report, supported by hand drawn explanatory diagrams.

Sketch Design – plans, elevations, etc. – is not part of this service.

The Preliminary Design Consultation is designed to  equip clients with the confidence to make further informed decisions about what direction their project can take.

To arrange a Preliminary Design Consultation, please telephone 0415 060 056, or send an email at

Hawthorne House, Rear View Before

Hawthorne House, New Rear Courtyard

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