Architectural Services


Scandurra Architects offers a full Architectural service across the whole project  from  Sketch Design, through Contract Documentation, Tendering, Contract Administration,  through to Practical Completion (handover), through the Defects Liability Period to Final Completion.

Below is an overview of the comprehensive range of the service.

1. Pre Design.

This is the preliminary stage of the Client Architect Agreement, delivering the following outcomes:

Obtain the Client’s design brief & other requirements; Provide recommendations for fees & for the appointment of consultants; Inspect the site and assess site conditions & constraints; Obtain the Client’s approval to prepare sketch design.

2. Sketch Design Stage.

From the Brief, the Architect prepares sketch drawings to explain the design concept to the client. This includes plans, elevations, sections, and 3 dimensional views. The Architect conducts preliminary design briefing & liaison with consultants. He liaises with the client and prepares preliminary selections of materials and finishes. He prepares preliminary budget cost estimate, in consultation with a building estimator, and reviews the  design against the estimate.

3. Design Development Stage.

The sketch design is developed into a Final Design solution. These documents form the basis of the Town Planning and Plumbing & Building Applications. Consultants’ design work is coordinated with the architectural design. The final design is reviewed against the budget and an updated cost estimate is prepared.

4. Town Planning Application.

In areas where a Town Planning Application is required, documents are prepared for lodgement with the local authority. The documents for this stage demonstrate that the design complies with Town Planning regulations governing the locality of the proposed project. They include floor plans, cross sections, elevations and 3 dimensional presentations, and show compliance with any development control policies, such as the Small Lot Code, Demolition Control Precinct, The House Code, flood heights, plus other town planning regulations that may apply to the project site.

Some projects require the services of a specialist town planning consultant. Scandurra Architects can refer clients to a consultant, and also coordinate their work within the rest of the project.

We administer the application to Decision Notice, i.e. the council’s Approval for the design to proceed to Building Application.

5. Building Application.

Preparation of documents for lodgement with Building Certifiers. This is a basic set of construction drawings, at scale 1:100, including floor plans, roof plan, elevations, a cross section, glazing schedule. The detail is sufficient for the design to submit to the building certifier for Building Approval.

6. Interior Design.

Typical interior building elements include: kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, bespoke staircases, wall units, display cabinets, complex architectural walls & ceilings. The design includes materials, finishes & colour selections, sanitary ware, hardware & tapware selections. Detailed drawings are prepared at larger scales of 1:50, 1:20, 1:10 or 1:5 to show set out, construction & finishes. A Specification of interior works is prepared for inclusion with the main building works specification.

7. Landscape Design.

The building design extends into the surrounding site landscape.

Hard landscaping includes: fences, courtyards, paving, paths and tiling layouts, free standing arbours and pergolas. All those architectural elements that are external to the building envelope, but are extensions of the main building design. Drawings are prepared at larger scales, as appropriate, to detail the design & construction of these landscape elements.

8. Contract Documentation.

Further to the plans, sections and elevations prepared for Building Application, further documentation is prepared in order to enable the project to be tendered. This may include the following: Interior Design, Landscape Design, construction details at larger scales, lighting, power & data layouts, a full Specification of Works & Schedules of Materials and Finishes. The Architect coordinates this documentation with the work of the consultants for tender issue.

Scandurra Architects prepares recommendations to the client on the preferred method of tendering. We also advise the client on the appropriate contract forms to be be used between the Client and the successful builder.

9. Contract Administration.

Tendering Process Administration

Assemble list of tenderers, call tenders, respond to tenderer enquiries, close and assess the tenders, negotiate with preferred tenderer and prepare tender report & recommendation.


Prepare contract documents for signing by Contractor and Client. Administer the contract to Practical Completion.


Assess the final contract account, prepare the final defects list and issue the Final Certificate. The project is handed over to the client.

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