4 Townhouses, Redcliffe

4 Townhouses, Kippa Ring


Townhouses and units typically have established & prescribed programmatic functions designed to best suit a range of unknown end users. Part of the brief is to minimise circulation space, aiming at around 5 to 10% of GFA. Part of our methodology is to devise a series of standard small spatial clusters, such as a Kitchen Dining Living Unit, a Master Bedroom unit, a Service Unit, comprising Bath/Laundry/WC and a Bedroom Unit.

This loose collection of spatial orderings can be adapted to each new project to suit prescriptions of the Town Planning and Briefing Requirements. This methodology allows us to devise efficient floor layouts which can adapt to specific site conditions.

Architectural Response

Given the described space planning methodology, each of our Townhouse developments is determinedly unique. The overall building is considered in physical context of the site: prevailing breezes, orientation, surrounding roads and buildings (noise and traffic considerations), site topography and soil type. These all inevitably influence the architectural style of each particular building.

We also aim to invest it with an architectural theme to suit these conditions and to make it a building of its site. Even an occasional fantasy theme can work such as the block of 7 townhouses which slightly suggests a village street, with its window alcoves overhanging the driveway, combined with vertical pencil pines and warm Mediterranean colours

The overall effect is to provide visual cohesiveness to a large block of townhouses. Other themes can reference adjacent houses such as the battened Queenslander, or the abstract geometry of estate houses.

Townhouses in Redcliffe

On a 1200 square metre site opposite Redcliffe Hospital, we designed a 2 storey block of 7 townhouses with a projected view to occupancy by staff at the adjacent Redcliffe Hospital.

Brief: Spaces should be flexible, to provide accommodation for unknown user groups. They could be families, or a group of single people running a share household.

Accommodation: Ground floor: Lock up garage, including laundry and understair toilet. 2 separate spaces off a kitchen: each can be used as dual living rooms or as a living room and a dining room. 3 separate outdoor areas, to allow occupants private outdoor sitting space, 2 downstair patios and one upstairs balcony.

First Floor Level: 3 bedrooms upstairs, with ensuite bathroom. Separate bathroom and wc. This provides one wc per bedroom. The circulation space at the top of the stairs is widened into a study which opens onto the upstairs balcony. This arrangement allows flexibility for different user groups, particularly where there is a share household situation; the occupants may know one another but not be especially close. Each householder can find personal space away from their housemates when he/she wants without having to close themselves off in their bedrooms; however, they can also engage with others in the Kitchen and in the Living Rooms. Circulation space has been reduced to less than 10%.


The result are Townhouses of Architectural merit which are inviting, welcoming, practical and therefore more desirable in the market. Our methodology has been used to effect in generating affordable housing in the Redcliffe/ Kippa Ring areas.



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