Eumundi State Primary School: New Covered walkway to Prep. Classrooms

This walkway will provide covered passage from Administration at the top of the site, down to the Prep. building, and connect to  the bus stop at the lower opposite end of the school site.

The challenge was to provide covered access between buildings across the school site which has a slope of over 6 metres.

The resultant covered walkway integrates the bus stop entry at the lower end of the school up past the Prep. buildings, up past a classroom block , joining into the existing covered ways leading to the Administration entry at the top end of the school.

Eumundi Bus stop to Prep route

New stairs lead from Napier Street bus stop at left, up to a junction, from which staff & students have a choice of access right, up the ramp to Prep, or left, up towards the Administration area at Caplick Drive, at the upper end of the school site.

Eumundi route up to admin

Working with the ground levels over a steeply sloping site enabled the covered ways to be integrated with the landscape providing covered access way across the entire school site.

Eumundi CW Bus stop end

Overview of covered ways, showing lower level site entry at the Napier Street bus stop, leading right up to the Prep school, and left up the hill towards the classroom at the top of the hill and onwards towards the main Administration precinct at the upper end of the site at Caplick Drive.

Eumundi CW SW Overview

Overview showing the extent of stepped covered ways, integrated with the steep slope.

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